Blak Magik & JudoJoe

2009-09-15 08:16:19 by JudoJoe

In Da Jestion is our first single from the College Gangsta EP.

There's plenty more where that came from so sit tight.

New Album: The Sun & The Moon

2009-07-04 15:59:33 by JudoJoe

Not sure how many songs yet, but so far I have completed two:

The Chasm
The Horde

I recently purchased Logic Studio and it has been so awesome working with it. More coming soon!

Old Songs and New Songs

2009-01-11 12:27:00 by JudoJoe

Uploaded two songs today. One of them is from about a year ago, called The Road Mender (First Cut). It was performed and recorded by myself in one day with all real instruments and mixed with Cubase. The second is a song I did this weekend, called Thoughts. Wasn't really sure what to categorize it as. More coming soon.

Audio Submissions

2008-10-12 20:10:39 by JudoJoe

Finally got some stuff onto Newgrounds! After many long years of looking at the site, then a few of being a member, I have finally contributed some content. Lots more music will be coming from me.

... as well as some animations? We'll see.